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Designed with the investigator in mind, EnCase is a software suite that allows for fast and deep forensic analysis. This software suite also has an intuitive reporting framework that allows investigators to tailor their case reports to the audience and requirements. Its plastic casing also makes it easy to carry out forensic operations without the need for a dedicated computer. Forensic professionals can take advantage of EnCase’s tech support and forensic community portal to learn how to use this program.

One application of EnCase is in detecting fraud. In a Los Angeles-based case, a business partner had brought in a digital forensics firm to determine the size of a share he had been granted. The contract stated he had signed for a 5% stake, but the partner knew he was actually getting a 15% stake. The extra 10% was worth $64 million. With EnCase SAFE, the attacker couldn’t get past the authentication mechanism.

Another useful feature of EnCase is its ability to encrypt digital files. The software can protect data and prevent hackers from modifying them. These features can be beneficial for investigators in complex cases. While killers and fraudsters often think they can hide their digital footprints, they don’t. With sophisticated tools, even the best minds in digital forensics can win cases. With EnCase, investigators can rest assured that the evidence they recover will be secure and reliabketplace scamsle.